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February 9, 2010

Sleeping Sickness

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For at least half year, I’d been suffered from sleeplessness. It’s common for me to spend more than one hour trying to go to sleep. Occasionally all night’s staying awake and sleeplessness even drove me to the edge of despair. Fed up with many times’ recycling of light music and immediate nervousness the moment of closing eyes, I desired for the feeling of sleepy.

As time went on, I tried to take it naturally and made a rule for myself. That was, getting up and doing something meaningful if failing to fall asleep after trying 30 minutes. No matter when it was, even 3 o’clock in early morning, I would at once get up, got dressed, went downstairs with a English word book. Apparently, reciting English words was more meaningful than mind’s traveling.

That evening, as usual, going downstairs at midnight, I kept reciting until 4 o’clock. And I knew later that a girl whose dormitory was not far from mine jumped from a sixth floor window, ending her young life that early morning. The letter she posted on BBS of my university said that one reason driving her to death was sleeping problem, like me. I could understand her, better than someone else, since I was also sinking in this frustration for so long a time. I relieved myself by turning attention to other thing, but she chose to end life as a relief.

Now, grateful for sleep’s coming back, I would stop anything no matter tomorrow’s final exam or sleepover with best friends if wanting to go to bed. When you feel tired and sleepy, cherish it, turn off your computer, and go to bed.


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