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March 29, 2010

the eldest brother’s happiness

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I am enjoying the teleplay played by fanwei . It is as funny as . In fact I think it take us to a topic that what is happiness for you . Different people have different ideas about happiness . As for the eldest brother in the teleplay , he is satisfied with the achievements of younger brothers and sister . And he will be happy when in his familiar city of Shuncheng . Yes , money doesn’t equal happiness , luxury neither means comfort . What’s more important is feeling .
The software of surfing on the net goes wrong these days . And I hurried to repair it twice . Now it is OK . So I am happy .


March 23, 2010

hard to say something

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mid-term is coming, but there are some obstalce in my mind,making me painful….so I share something about me .
when I studied senor school, I fell in love with a girl,who is my fisrt love, I can clearly remmber that was winter, she was wearing a white coat, the snow made her skill a little red, she is so beautiful, I trembled in the cold wind just for looking at her more…..
that time my father is vice-major in my city,I had a promise to admit to a good university, so I control my feeling,hiding it deeply in my heart.a afternoon,I saw her stick with prettiest boy in my class,I hear the voice of heart break…..
at last I was successful having the qualification to a well-known university in beijing, gradually,there are many beautiful girl around me, however I also miss her so much.
One day I accidentally get her contact,knowing she has breaked with her old friend.I have to say this information made me very comfortable.she told me her college is also a famouse university nearby my school.I invited her for dinner.
we have a good talking, knowing each other much more.she told me, she is avaible,but my mind told me something is wrong.
to understand her better,I ask a good friend,who is popular in her college to gather information about her.the reslut is so crude……
one afertnoon, my friend and I meeting in a reasurat,he persude me to give up her.he said,she has a secret boy friend,who is rich and old.this information make me lost.to be ridiculous,this fucking old man is familar with me.
finally I choose a right and painful way,keeping it as a secret in my heart and leave her quiet.

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