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April 4, 2010

this days, my feeling

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I have been in this company about a month. At first, just asked us to photoshop some pictures, feeling is so boring, then later, we didnt have anything to do, everyday when i came to company, nearly just sit here and surfed on the Internet. i thought after the trade fair, maybe we have s.th to do, but it’s not the same as i thought. yesterday, all of us have nothing to do, everyone faced to the computer. what a crazy boss! nothing to let us do, but we must to go to company as usual.
secondly, i think the boss have prejudice to me. in the trade fair, in the middle of negotiation, he asked me to translate for him. because i didnt know the thing , so i didnt translate very well, almost bad. after that, he didnt ask me t translate for him any more unless i was the only one around him. but i dont care, i hate that man who have serious expression in front of the other man, but have another expression behind the man.
lastly, that girl. she always think everyone’s pronunciation is bad except her friends. and she have ethnic discrimination , expecially korea. but korea is my dream place. i dont know why she hate it and dont want to know. every time i speak english, she always said my pronunciation is cheap, althogh apparently i was not care, in my mind i dont like this. i will pratice my pronunciation, i promise someday she will look at me with new eyes.


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