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May 11, 2010

next station, next choice

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These nights, not alone, as sleepless & nightmares all accompany me… maybe due to the terrible cough, the work pressure, the impression of the movies, etc.
Really, i prefer loneliness than these accompanies. Gosh!

Like work pressure, i am sure days later will be fired in a sudden. i should think my next career seriously,
still for an export sales ? an English teacher ? translater or interpreter ? HR ?
still work for walkie talkie company ? other electronic products ? or a big differences products, like clothes, bags, etc ?
still in this city i stayed for almost 10 yrs ? or Xiamen ? Fuzhou ? or the other province ?

Now i really noticed, the most important thing during our life is not your Hard work, not your Effort, but just your Choice.
What is my next choice ?

Cross my fingers for good luck.

It will be highly appreciated if you guys would also pray for me 🙂
Thank you !


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