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May 11, 2010

next station, next choice

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These nights, not alone, as sleepless & nightmares all accompany me… maybe due to the terrible cough, the work pressure, the impression of the movies, etc.
Really, i prefer loneliness than these accompanies. Gosh!

Like work pressure, i am sure days later will be fired in a sudden. i should think my next career seriously,
still for an export sales ? an English teacher ? translater or interpreter ? HR ?
still work for walkie talkie company ? other electronic products ? or a big differences products, like clothes, bags, etc ?
still in this city i stayed for almost 10 yrs ? or Xiamen ? Fuzhou ? or the other province ?

Now i really noticed, the most important thing during our life is not your Hard work, not your Effort, but just your Choice.
What is my next choice ?

Cross my fingers for good luck.

It will be highly appreciated if you guys would also pray for me 🙂
Thank you !


April 21, 2010

Difficult choice

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I feel a little awkward today. What’s your choice if you meet the same problem with me?
Yesterday I submitted the resignation to my manager and she aggreed and said you can leave if Mr xu(the manager of human resource department) hire a new guy to replace your work. Yesterday evening my student told me that I pass the interview and should report for duty next Monday. The time is so tight.
This morning I asked my manager,” could I leave next Monday?” , she said, ” No. According to our company rule, you can go until recuiting a person to replace you. And Bill ( general manager) now is not in China. You must wait for him coming back China and report to him. It’s not the thing that I can make the final decision.”

April 4, 2010

Love this hot tools flat iron!

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Love this hot tools flat iron! I have long hair in the middle and it works when my hair is short and / or long. It is small enough to be able to make small pieces still large enough when you want to do your entire head quickly. The round barrel, it is easy to comb hair under or switched on. Heats quickly and provides great heat!

I have very thick curly hair, I mean insanely curly. This putter works very well on my hair and I did not have to pay too much for her. I did not revisit the same points over and over as I have a few irons right. However, I gave it four stars because sometimes my hair gets caught in it, nothing too drastic, but it may take a few hairs.

This straightener is one of the few to effectively straighten my thick, long hair and curly. Usually straightening my hair takes more than 45 minutes. With this straightener I can do it in 10 to 15 minutes. And my hair is very long. The inch and a half-size is perfect and I love the rounded edges to make it a little stylized. I recommend this hot tools flat iron to anyone who has had trouble with Straightners in the past. in the past.

this days, my feeling

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I have been in this company about a month. At first, just asked us to photoshop some pictures, feeling is so boring, then later, we didnt have anything to do, everyday when i came to company, nearly just sit here and surfed on the Internet. i thought after the trade fair, maybe we have s.th to do, but it’s not the same as i thought. yesterday, all of us have nothing to do, everyone faced to the computer. what a crazy boss! nothing to let us do, but we must to go to company as usual.
secondly, i think the boss have prejudice to me. in the trade fair, in the middle of negotiation, he asked me to translate for him. because i didnt know the thing , so i didnt translate very well, almost bad. after that, he didnt ask me t translate for him any more unless i was the only one around him. but i dont care, i hate that man who have serious expression in front of the other man, but have another expression behind the man.
lastly, that girl. she always think everyone’s pronunciation is bad except her friends. and she have ethnic discrimination , expecially korea. but korea is my dream place. i dont know why she hate it and dont want to know. every time i speak english, she always said my pronunciation is cheap, althogh apparently i was not care, in my mind i dont like this. i will pratice my pronunciation, i promise someday she will look at me with new eyes.

March 29, 2010

the eldest brother’s happiness

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I am enjoying the teleplay played by fanwei . It is as funny as . In fact I think it take us to a topic that what is happiness for you . Different people have different ideas about happiness . As for the eldest brother in the teleplay , he is satisfied with the achievements of younger brothers and sister . And he will be happy when in his familiar city of Shuncheng . Yes , money doesn’t equal happiness , luxury neither means comfort . What’s more important is feeling .
The software of surfing on the net goes wrong these days . And I hurried to repair it twice . Now it is OK . So I am happy .

March 23, 2010

hard to say something

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mid-term is coming, but there are some obstalce in my mind,making me painful….so I share something about me .
when I studied senor school, I fell in love with a girl,who is my fisrt love, I can clearly remmber that was winter, she was wearing a white coat, the snow made her skill a little red, she is so beautiful, I trembled in the cold wind just for looking at her more…..
that time my father is vice-major in my city,I had a promise to admit to a good university, so I control my feeling,hiding it deeply in my heart.a afternoon,I saw her stick with prettiest boy in my class,I hear the voice of heart break…..
at last I was successful having the qualification to a well-known university in beijing, gradually,there are many beautiful girl around me, however I also miss her so much.
One day I accidentally get her contact,knowing she has breaked with her old friend.I have to say this information made me very comfortable.she told me her college is also a famouse university nearby my school.I invited her for dinner.
we have a good talking, knowing each other much more.she told me, she is avaible,but my mind told me something is wrong.
to understand her better,I ask a good friend,who is popular in her college to gather information about her.the reslut is so crude……
one afertnoon, my friend and I meeting in a reasurat,he persude me to give up her.he said,she has a secret boy friend,who is rich and old.this information make me lost.to be ridiculous,this fucking old man is familar with me.
finally I choose a right and painful way,keeping it as a secret in my heart and leave her quiet.

February 28, 2010


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I entered a new company in 2008, the boss promised that we would get red packet at the end of year if we worked hard, but unfortunaterly, we met the financial crisis. The boss’s promise turned into the invisible bubble.

My father was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. My eleder sister promised that she would take my father to go to Shanghai and Shenzhen for sightseeing, however, the condition of my father’s health went from bad to worth. He did nothing but lying on bed.

Some people always promise that they will write blogs in English every day. At the beginning, they insisted on writing diaries every day, but after some time they began to find all kinds of excuses not to write anything.

Don’t make any promise if you can’t do something.

February 10, 2010


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Yesterday evening, I and my two friends went to KTV in QIANGUI , CHAOYAOMEN , they are both my friends and colleagues , we sang a lot of songs , enjoyed it very much for 3 hours , and the dinner of the KTV was good , but there were many people in the KTV, so we didn’t eat much .Today we all need work , so can’t play too late and came back at 9:30.
I never hang out with my friends since I have a baby . I must take care of him all the time expect work in office , so have not any entertainment .
Thanks for my friends , I were so happy yesterday evening and had a good mood .

February 9, 2010

Sleeping Sickness

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For at least half year, I’d been suffered from sleeplessness. It’s common for me to spend more than one hour trying to go to sleep. Occasionally all night’s staying awake and sleeplessness even drove me to the edge of despair. Fed up with many times’ recycling of light music and immediate nervousness the moment of closing eyes, I desired for the feeling of sleepy.

As time went on, I tried to take it naturally and made a rule for myself. That was, getting up and doing something meaningful if failing to fall asleep after trying 30 minutes. No matter when it was, even 3 o’clock in early morning, I would at once get up, got dressed, went downstairs with a English word book. Apparently, reciting English words was more meaningful than mind’s traveling.

That evening, as usual, going downstairs at midnight, I kept reciting until 4 o’clock. And I knew later that a girl whose dormitory was not far from mine jumped from a sixth floor window, ending her young life that early morning. The letter she posted on BBS of my university said that one reason driving her to death was sleeping problem, like me. I could understand her, better than someone else, since I was also sinking in this frustration for so long a time. I relieved myself by turning attention to other thing, but she chose to end life as a relief.

Now, grateful for sleep’s coming back, I would stop anything no matter tomorrow’s final exam or sleepover with best friends if wanting to go to bed. When you feel tired and sleepy, cherish it, turn off your computer, and go to bed.

February 8, 2010

New Dynamic Institute

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I received a phone call from “New Dynamic Institute” on Friday afternoon. The caller invited me to participate in their free classes in the evening at seven, which I gladly accepted.

So I went there on time. They asked me to wait till the first class was over. I asked a teacher if I could join the first class which seemed to be still going on for thirty minutes more. Fortunately I got a chance to attend a lecture taught by a native Englishman. The lecture was not very interesting as expected because the students took no initiative to answer or ask questions.

I noticed that only two students had answered the questions, but their answers were stumbled over. I still remember one question that the teacher asked, which was about “who like their own jobs?”. But only the teacher and I put up the hand. Meanwhile, the students were complaining. Oh, what an atmosphere.! After class the consultant talked to me and introduced their school history, lessons, activities and so on. Then she asked how my English was, and I replied that I was a worse student. She asked whether I like their teaching methods, teachers, and curricula, which I happily expressed that I liked it a lot.

Shortly afterwards, she asked if I had made up my mind on my plan of learning. Not yet, I replied. Again she asked me to speed up my decision of studying in their school urgently. Oh, no. I said I wanted to consult more schools before determining and I did not like making an urgent choice. Besides, my friends had told me that “EF English School” was also a good one for learning English. On hearing it she then disclosed that many refunded students from there had turned to their school, then she showed me the EF’s curriculum. In conclusion, she made a bad comment on that school, indeed. But I said that EF was a famous school which could offer me a job after I finished its courses. And I further added that teachers were the most important factor. She was shocked by my words, saying, “You are not only looking for a school for learning but also looking for a job! How considerable you are! Wait, I would like to have my head teacher’s opinion.” Then the head teacher dropped in and we had a long, wonderful free talk. At last she promised me that I would get a job in their school for she believed that I could be competent for the job, given my sunshine personality.

“Oh, its 22:30 now. I have to go, otherwise I shall miss the subway.”, I said. The head teacher asked me to come in the following afternoon to join their classes, and I gave her my words. I had had a very happy talk with both the head teacher and the consultant. I felt I was the happiest one in the world at that moment.

I went to NDI again. The consultant arranged me a lesson to be taught by a Canadian. She claimed that he was the most well-known and most popular teacher among their students. Then she guided me to a classroom where I waited. Before long, the teacher stepped in. He introduced himself and wrote down the topics on the white-board. At the beginning he taught me something about countries and nationalities. He showed me tons of flags and asked me to tell him the countries’ names and their relevant nationalities. Haha… I made scores of mistakes guessing those flags but I was smart enough to point out all the nationalities. Hence, he repeatedly said, “Good girl.” Hehe… Afterwards, he mentioned one place and requested me to tell what the place was famous for, and its history. Christ, it’s the most difficult ordeal for me owing to my poor knowledge of history and geography. Hehe… Tell you what, his history and geography were excellent; and he said he knew my country history and geography even better than ours, proving it by telling me a lot of our historical things and explaining that he had learned many countries’ history from their books.

“What is this?”, he asked. I replied that it was cigarettes.. “No. Look, here is a box of cigarettes (He took it out from his pocket), but this one is a deck of cards.”, he said, “Now we are going to learn how to play cards. This is a sentence you have to remember when you are playing cards – “I have the number of suite”. He then taught me such things as King, Jack, Queen, and Ace; Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond; Wash and Shuffle (he explained that when playing cards we use the term of “shuffle” but “wash” when playing mahjong). And he asked me to get the cards from his hand and make a sentence. It was very difficult for me to remember all those stuff such as hearts, diamonds…… at once. So I stumbled over. Then he asked me to describe a clock to him. I only said that clock told time, so he helped me to finish the description. He made a wonderful description of the clock, indeed. He taught me how to pronounce clock correctly and, you know what, he also told me a joke of “cock”. heheh…. He was very funny and a bit humourous. He went on further with some more questions about his teaching. (He said that I was very good. Haha…) Then the lesson was over. It was a lively class with lots of laughter. The consultant talked to me again and asked me to do a test for the purpose of assessing my English level, which I did. As a result, my level turned out to be upper intermediate. (There are ten levels, like Icebreaker, Starter, Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Business Intermediate, Business Advanced, Senior Advanced and the last is Business Expert.) My scores surprised them with a shock. Hehe… It was quite a pity that I had not done all the questions due to the limited time.

The consultant suggested me to study for three levels from Upper intermediate to Business advanced. Jesus, one level would cost me 9,880 RMB. I refused the dear price at once, and she brought the head teacher in to talk to me again. I was then informed that I would be able to finish three levels for only 9,880 RMB if they could use my voice and appearance for the school – the so-called Learning Ambassador. They said only two complimentaries were still available and urged me to pay an immediate deposit in order to save, but I requested for some more time to think it over. Then I left.

I have talked with a girl who works for NDI as a pastime job student, who suggested me to learn at New Oriental。She said that the prices there were cheaper, only that most teachers were Chinese.

I have not made up my mind yet as I still want to know more about other schools.

I want to write more, but it is very late now. I must hit the sack without hesitation.

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