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Drinking Water Filter Reviews

I used the 4000 drinking water filter Aquasana counter for about 5 months. Before my purchase, I spent a lot of money on bottled water. I usually spend about 3-5 dollars a week on the water at the supermarket and during their journeys. I decided that purchasing a drinking water filter would be more convienent and cheaper for me. Now the system itself.

+ Convienent. You can get clean water whenever you want.
+ A taste better than tap water.
+ Better filtration system compared to other brands.
+ Installation not too difficult.
+ Saves money after the initial investment.
Replacement + filt affordable and easy to find (Amazon has these).

INITIAL-investment is expensive compared to less expensive systems.
Need-water pressure should be low.
Released slow because of low water pressure takes a few minutes to complete elements of the faucet.
, Can be used with hot water / hot water.
-The portion of the faucet filter system may activate itself (explained in detail below).
-Will start leaking if too much water pressure is used.

Skip to the summary, if you do not care to read my personal comments.

Some things I’ve experienced.
1. I had trouble installing the product, even if it is not difficult to do. I attribute that to most user errors, the instructions were pretty straightfoward if I kept thinking that the system does not appear correctly installed. The company has a video on its website how to install the system. I struggled to squeeze the ring filter on my tap, maybe because I was using a wrench cheap. Hopefully most people will do better then I did.

2. I have a water tap high pressure, so I had to learn very early to be very careful with how much water pressure I allowed to be used. I must be very careful when I pass drinking water filter. If I leave too much water pressure to be used I ended up making the system overflow and leak on the counter. I’m used to it after a few weeks and I have not had any incidents since.

3. Because of the low pressure system, it takes a very long time to fill invented nothing. I have issues standing there and letting a class of water filling, as it takes about a minute. Instead, I prefer to fill 1 gallon jugs. I fill the jugs left unattended for a few minutes and then return when they are full of water to extinguish. So if you like me and you do not have all day to stand and let it fill up all the time that you will like me and buy several cans or bottles you can fill your sink. I bought 3 to 1 gallon bottles, and two small bottles of sports. Waiting usually when all 1-gallon bottles are empty before taking the time to fill. Whenever I use the drinking water filter I just fill all my bottles at the same time, switching between them as they perform unattended. Consider the additional cost that you pay if you plan to buy extra-usable water bottles. It cost me approx. $ 20.00

4. As indicated in the warrenty you can not use warm / hot water system. You need to turn your tap water and make sure you run it cold, then switch to the filtration system.

5. As mentioned above the filter tap knob is sometimes problematic. Basically when you want to switch to the drinking water filter you remove a small button on your faucet you. The drinking water filter active and you use it as usual. When your done you push the knob to return to tap back to tap water. But sometimes the wheel will push himself to the water pressure, enabling your filter itself. *** This does not happened to me shortly after using the filter system due to the pressure in the pipe yet .*** It is important to note, because if you pass your filter at the tap, then pressure on your faucets will often turn back on automatically filters and the higher pressure you switched to potentially ruin the drinking water filter (as stated in the warranty). There is an easy solution for this, but if you simply hold the button in the following using your drinking water filter in one hand and increasing the pressure of your tap water tap with another. This die-pressure hose and the knob will not turn off automatically, I had all this time after I use the filter just to be sure.

6. The drinking water filter fill with water whenever the system is used. That the drinking water filter in the rooms after using the filter should be room temperature. The next time you use the filter system you need to let it run for about 30 seconds before that freshwater will be in the drinking water filter system and the oldest last used completely expelled.

Summary —- —-
The drinking water filter is at a reasonable price compared to others. Manual states about 6 months of use before filter replacement is necessary (they cost about 40-50 dollars you can buy from Amazon). I’ll probably use mine about 9 months that I live alone. If you replace your drinking water filter every 6 months after the initial purchase, it should cost you about 8 dollars per month, then the best 3-5 a week, I passed. It is one gallons said the use of the filter, even if I do not remember exactly, I think its between 500-600 gallons for the life of the filter.

If you usually buy your system for drinking water, thus saving money. Some disadvantages is that you may need to invest in plastic bottles safe to store your water. The filtration system is too slow to be used frequently, I recommend filling several bottles of water every day to limit the number of times you need to use the system. As you can only use cold water and low water pressure with the system some people find unconvienent May It may take some time to get used to using it. Overalll if the water tastes clean and fresh, much better then my tap water. Its most useful when a brand or a filter like Brita and has a much better drinking water filterthat catches more contaminants. If you are like me and want to live healthier and save money Aquasana 4000 is not a bad choice. I certainly was not able to find a sub-$ 500.00 best system on the market. Even with all the drawbacks I listed, it’s always very useful to me. I hope you found this review helpful in your drinking water filter decision.


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